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We can raise Idaho up.


We can raise Idaho up.


Building the future for people & pets

Envision a future in which every companion animal has a loving home. A future that transforms animal welfare in our region by saving more lives and providing more humane care and housing for homeless pets. A future that fosters the joyous connection between animals and people that is the heart of Mountain Humane’s mission.

By building an engaging and welcoming new campus, Mountain Humane will be able to fully embrace its growing role as a regional leader in animal sheltering and a national destination for adoptions. The new facility will be a happy hub for this pet-friendly community and its visitors.


Together, we can.

Together, we can.

Together, we can.

Save more lives. Provide more humane housing and care. Give better care to older and special needs animals. Be a catalyst for compassion. Create a vibrant hub for connections and community.

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Make Idaho a no-kill state by 2025

The new facility will be a happy hub for this pet-friendly community and its visitors, in addition to being the catalyst to make No Kill Idaho 2025 possible.

Click here to learn more about the no-kill Idaho 2025 initiative.

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Save more lives by connecting people and pets

By doubling the number of pets housed and continuing the current trend of increased adoptions and decreased length of stay, we will dramatically decrease the number of animals unnecessarily euthanized at overcrowded shelters in the region.

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Provide more humane care and housing

Modern kennel design and materials will improve the health of the animals, decrease stress, and prevent the spread of disease.

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Be a catalyst for compassion

With a new humane education center, hundreds of children (and adults!) will be able to learn about care of and safety around animals, in addition to vital lessons about empathy, compassion, and the joy that comes from the human-animal bond.

Click here to learn more about humane education!


Give better care to older and special needs animals

Senior, shy, and medically or behaviorally challenged animals struggle more than others in a shelter environment – a new facility will allow us to provide the specialized care and treatment these pets deserve.

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Create a vibrant hub for connections and community

Imagine a campus that draws people from all over the nation, known as a happy place for people and animals to connect, where the community engages and gives back, and where all are welcome to enjoy the beauty of our canyon setting.


Leading the way

The first no-kill shelter in the state of Idaho, Mountain Humane is a non-profit organization generously supported by more than 2500 donors and 500 volunteers each year. The residents of the Wood River Valley have designated Mountain Humane as the “Best Non-Profit” in the community for the last eight years.

The shelter is increasingly recognized as a destination for adoption, with “Mountain Humane alumni”  living with families in 37 states and Canada. Our adoption rate has steadily increased over the years, with 622 animals adopted by loving homes last year alone!

We’re proud to be the highest ranked animal welfare organization in our region, as well as 12th in the entire nation, as ranked by Charity Navigator for financial health and transparency. In other words, you can trust us to be responsible with your investment and to leverage your funds into great progress for animals and the people who love them!

Transforming animal welfare with a new facility

“Making do” is a way of life at Mountain Humane. The staff and volunteers are experienced, dedicated, deeply compassionate, and work long hours to feed, care for, and train the more than 1,600 animals that come through the Shelter’s doors annually in need of help. But a sweeping change is long overdue.

After 34 years of hard use, the current facility is simply no longer workable. It’s worn out, overcrowded, stressfully noisy, poorly ventilated, vulnerable to fire and mudslides, and no longer reflects today’s best practices. The physical site and buildings are a daily challenge for all who live or work there.

It is time to build a facility that meets the needs of the community, both now and for years to come.

Click here to see the Capital Campaign Leadership and Building Timeline

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Investing in the Future

Investing in the Future

You can make it possible

Mountain Humane conducted a campaign planning study in early 2015 that revealed tremendous community support to build and sustain a new facility. Supporters concur that the time is right. A comprehensive animal welfare campus will allow us to deliver progressive services in a facility designed for current best practices, maximizing the health and happiness of both pets and people in our community.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous supporter, Mountain Humane acquired 20 acres of open, level land on a site across the road from the current shelter. A volunteer building committee and specially selected architect are guiding the design and construction of a new facility that will be highly functional, reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing and a valuable asset for the community.

We’ve completed our due diligence, we know what needs to be done to accomplish and sustain this new future for animal welfare in our community, and we are ready. But we can’t do it without you.

We invite the entire Mountain Humane community to join us in making a difference in the lives of animals in our region and beyond. Every gift to the campaign is significant and everyone who contributes is investing in building a bright future for our community and its animals.



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More animals.

More adoptions.

By 2020 we're projecting to increase our current adoption numbers by 100%!