Why do you support mountain humane? Stories from supporters:

Edyth and David Goodman:

“This donation for a paver is a birthday gift for our good friend, Peter Foreman, in memory of Oswald, his beloved dog.”

Dan and Martine Drackett:

“Scott, Randy, the entire Acker family and all the compassionate employees of Sun Valley Animal Center, have always given our many beloved animals the best care we have ever known anywhere. In the process, they and their families have become our dear friends. Their encouragement and support for Mountain Humane has been exemplary and is deeply appreciated by us all.”

Wendy and Tom Ysasi

“We were inspired by Rosemary Aquilante and the tour of the new facility. Our three Great Pyrenees are all rescues. One rescued from a puppy mill as an adult, the other two pulled from kill shelters, very underweight and in bad condition. Due to compassionate individuals in Great Pyrenees Rescue organizations, they were rehabilitated and now thrive in a forever home on Canyon Road … icons in East Fork.”


“Dan and Martine Drackett lost two wonderful dogs. Brother and sister, Romeo and Juliette deserve to be immortalized here in the place where the Dracketts have contributed so much to animals and animal lovers.”

Dombrowski Family

“Our donation was inspired by our love of Sun Valley and the love of dogs. We have always brought our dogs with us on our trips to Sun Valley and we have such special memories of our dogs enjoying all that Sun Valley has to offer.”

Karen and Marc de Saint Phalle

“Our dogs, Lucy and Lily, mean the world to us and we’re thrilled you’ll be making Idaho a no-kill state. Way to go!”

Claudia and Alex Klokke

“Casey made our house a home and graced our lives with love and companionship. We honor her memory with this paver and to help support all the animals looking to find a home of their own.”

The Krahmer Family

“This donation is in honor of the hard work the volunteers and staff have provided in making this successful. My mom Lyn Anderson has dedicated much of her time helping the animal shelter and we know she will appreciate this gift towards something that she is so passionate about.”

Claudia McCain

“Benny was a beloved English Bull Dog and belonged to my dear friends Norman Halliday and Doug Jones. I wanted to make a special gift to them commemorating their precious boy.”

Steven Linden

“In loving memory of my beautiful wife, Gordean Briggs Linden.”

Clear Mind Graphics

“We have been honored to work with Mountain Humane over the past several years in a professional capacity and can’t say enough about this experience. Laurie is also the proud mom of her adopted kitty Ollie and Sarah has also recently added to her animal family, adopting kitties Arlo and Zora. So much love and can’t wait to adopt again!”

Jeanne Olsen

“I love this shelter, its mission and its people. You are all incredible!”

The Dawson Family

“Mountain Humane gives each of the animals in its care the love and care we have given our pets and we are deeply thankful for this.”

Juliet and Stephen Romano and Family

“After losing our beloved lab Wyatt and the most amazing little ‘mountain-man-bijon’ Dover, we decided to adopt from the shelter after a morning of walking shelter pups at Adam’s Gultch. Miller is truly a Sun Valley dog - a blend of border collie and black lab, and probably a touch of something else.”

Ellen and Joe Fastow

“Honoring new board members Rita Golleher and Maggie Sturdevant.”

Heidi Michelson and Danny Beritich

“We love the shelter, have enjoyed fostering dogs and love the dogs we have adopted from the shelter!”

Virginia Cirica

“Sherlock was adopted in the summer of 2016, and we are so lucky to have him.”

Rosemary Aquilante and David McCarty

“A lasting tribute to Budi, Midnight, and Sassy Kat who shared and shaped our lives in so many ways so that Mountain Humane can carry on their legacy for so many more families and pets.”

Cassie and Jim Carroll

“Coosie aka Emma, was our BELOVED 13 year old Springer Spaniel whom we were devastated to have to put to sleep after all treatments failed to cure her eye cancer. She was our first “child” and loved being a part of our family. Care Bear T was our practically deaf Brittany Spaniel foster dog who brought such laughter and love into our home soon after Emma died. We loved his laziness and spunk. He loved SV, hiking, swimming, and wandering off:)”

Animal Arts Design Studios

“It was our honor to be part of the team that created this beautiful new home for the animals of the Wood River Valley.”

Suzanne Hazlett & Chuck Rumpf

“All of the K9s have meant so much to us. We miss those that are no longer with us and have great memories.”

J.C. Nemeck

“I support all efforts by this organization. My cats have always been strays/adopted and are always a source of joy to me.”

Jane and Tom Oliver

“Mary Bachman and Bill Downing have been ardent supporters of MH! They give their time weekly to wash dishes, fill kongs and anything else needed. They adopted ‘Missy’ at the ripe young age of about 8 or 9 and nurtured her for 5 years until her passing to doggy heaven. They are two of the most selfless and devoted animal lovers, EVER!”

Ellen D Sanders

“There isn’t enough room to list all the doggies and kitties that have brought me joy, delight and adventure. I was allergic to cats until my mid twenties and then my roommate and I adopted Onyx from the San Francisco Animal Shelter. I always wanted to live with a cat and he was a magnificent kitty. My current doggy companion, Toni, was being fostered at the Oakland Animal Shelter, when I saw her awesome video listed on PetFinder.com. We have enjoyed miles of trails together in the Wood River Valley.”

Mike and Mary Colhoun

“In honor of Jill Vogel and her work to bring the Shelter to fruition.”

The Hotard Family

“Miles was always at his happiest in Sun Valley and we want to thank Mountain Humane for saving and changing so many lives (both pets and people!).”

Susan Wolford

“The adoption of Jazz was a partnership that brought safety, calmness, companionship, laughter, years of shared adventures, and great joy. Thank you for all you do.”

Stacie and Rick Brew

“The shelter has a special place in the hearts of the family Brew. Over the passed 25 years we have adopted all of our fur babies from the shelter and they have brought us so much joy, laughter and love that there is no way to express our gratitude. We hope our small gift helps other furry friends find their forever homes. With love, Rick, Stacie and Shawnee Brew (The Bru Cru).”

Gail Thornton

“While my late husband, Jack, and I made a donation for a kennel honoring Dexter, I wanted to honor Dexter and my current love dog, Lexy by buying a paver. Such a great way to participate and honor the dogs and/or casts you love!

Steve and Cheryl Crowe

“We just love what you do, providing homes for animals in need and saving animals from being put down.”


“Our beloved fur friends are the family we create, loving unconditionally.”

Beth and Paul Willis

“All of our many adopted pets especially Elvis, Louie and Samie!”

Geoffrey Isles and Holbrook Newman

“As owners of an adopted pet, we both know the joy of saving an animal and having that animal save us. We are always thrilled when our hikes and rides coincide with Mountain Humane’s Wednesdays at Adam’s Gultch, and want this important organization to not just survive, but thrive at saving these innocent animals.”

Corey Graham

“I have fostered dogs over the years and everyone has been a ‘special’ one. They are all our little angels.”

Leslie Phinney and Karl Bischoff

“We miss our sweet boys, Woody the Wonder Dog and Sir Scout, every single day. We can’t think of a better way to honor their memory than by contributing to organizations like Mountain Humane.”

John Milner and Kim Taylor

“We both grew up with dogs but we didn’t have one for 18 years. Our son bought Bella’s sister so we bought Bella. She is the best thing ever and has taught us to much. She’s absolutely an amazing dog, best companion, beautiful, silly, and we could not imagine her not being in our life. She makes it so much richer.”

Muffy Ritz

“Mountain Humane has been such a leader in no kill shelters in Idaho, taking animals from other Idaho shelters and from around the country. I am honoring my sweet little “Petey,” who I got from the shelter in 2009 as one of the “Olympic” puppies. She is such a well adjusted and polite dog and is a grounding force in my life. It all started with you! Thank you!”

Suzanne Wrede Basix

“Thank you for the fun at the Wet Dog Festival:-)”

Fred and Ashley Northup:

"Animals change, enrich, and complete our lives! Thank you for all the love, food, shelter, outreach, and expert care you provide every day."

Martine and Dan Drackett

"Scott and Randy Acker have cared for and cured our many dogs since we moved here 20 years ago and assisted them and us until the very end. They have prolonged an enhanced all our lives and we love their entire family of veterinarians and dedicted staff." (Paver donation)

Joe and Ruthe Betti

"To place a tribute to our beloved Border Collies and support the cause."

Janet K Bostwick & Kimmie K Sesnon

"We are forever grateful for the unconditional love our pups and kitties have showered us with over the years ... AND ... for the countless times the amazing guardians at the animal shelter have hosted my dear golden's after they've escaped. The pups thank you!  JKB & KKS"


"Zoe is always happy to see her owner at the end of the day.
Thanks, Zoe, for the companionship and comfort for our friend."

Laurie and Phil Catron

"In honor of our wonderful friend, Rosemary Aquilante, and her pal Millie."

Don and Judy Atkinson

"Our gift was in memory of Jack Thornton whose dog Dexter traveled by airplane on our many trips to the Middle Fork with his nose between the seats and always his nose resting on the cocktail table and dinner table. We miss Jack and Dexter."

Marie and Bill Bernardy

"We're making this gift in honor of Rosemary Aquilante and all the work she has done on behalf of the Shelter."

Ron and Roberta Bloom

"Vincent Go Van Gogh was 95 pounds of gentleness and love. This dog honored us with his devotion for 7 1/2 years. We will be forever grateful to the shelter for putting him in our lives."

Martine and Dan Drackett

"This gift is in memory of "Misty," the beloved cat of Catherine and Jean-Francois Heitz."

Linda and John Keane

"Our labs have been a part of our family for years - each and every one of the different, but all special in their own way. We have fond memories of each and every one of them."

Joyce Fogg

"At this time I have 2 pets that I have adopted from the Shelter. Millie my beautiful calico cat and my awesome dog Josie originally named "Babs". In the past, I had Carly my black lab that I adopted as a puppy and Piper who was one day away from coming to you facility. I appreciate the great care that you give to all of your shelter animals and the fact that you are a no kill facility. Thanks for all you do. "

Ann Puchner

"If I still lived in Blaine County, I would volunteer. My donation will be in honor of Orkney (2002-2017), Diego (Farleigh Byers), and Quito Puchner (2002-forever)."

Susan Plutsky on behalf of Marcie, Cliff, Johathan and Jenna Goldstein - for Luke

"Luke Goldstein, a well-behaved loyal, and beautiful black standard poodle, touched the hearts of many. He cherished his family, and, most importantly, trained them well. Luke dined on Michelin Star-like dinners, strutted Gucci-like collars and leashes, and enjoyed five-star accommodations. His family - Marcie, Cliff, Johathan and Jenna - loved Luke and know that having had him, they can only know true joy when Luke's successor graces 547 Euclid Street."

Amy and Tom

"In this time when unconditional love and support have become so rare in human interaction, we look to our canine companions to help fill that space. Our hope is that someday mankind will evolve in such a way as to earn a place along side those loving creatures that respond to joy  and kindness without conditions ..."

Robert and Lise Applebaum

"We are honoring our pets Joplin, adopted summer 2004 and at 16 years old is still going strong and Gracie adopted April 2008 and at 10 years old is still as frisky as a puppy. They have brought so much love and joy to us."

Mary Bachman and Bill Downing

"Missy was the best little rescue dog in the whole world!! We're confident ASWRV will find us another wonderful dog to enrich our lives."

Marie Martin

"Our many dogs loved the mountains of Idaho. Summers are better because we share this special Valley with them."

Wood River Insurance

"Many of our staff have adopted amazing pets through the Animal Shelter and we support all of your efforts in giving these animals a second chance."

Pam and Chris Gammon

"We have 3 rescued pups. They fill our family with heartfelt love!"

Priscilla Pittiglio

"I had 27 wonderful years with my labs."

Sheila and Jerry Mells

"We are longtime supporters of our wonderful Shelter; very special animal shelter and the valuable work done by Jo-Anne and all the dedicated people associated with it."

Elizabeth L. Mathieu

"I am in awe of the inspiration that has led the Shelter to create this new community center and its dedication to making Idaho a No-Kill State by 2025. I am also honored to be part of a community that understands and embraces the importance of the Shelter's mission, broadly volunteers with time and donations, and celebrates the Shelter's achievements to date and its goals for the future."

Lori Johnston

"I adopted Rocco (Norman) last fall and he has been such an amazing addition to our family. Thanks for all you do!"

Andrea Nelson and Rod Harten

We miss our departed pets and are grateful for the many ways they enriched our lives growing up and as adults. It seemed appropriate to memorialize them by supporting our wonderful Animal Shelter, where pet lives are saved and families come to find the joy of adding a pet to their lives."

Bekka Mongeau

"My pets whom I've adopted from the Shelter are a constant reminder to embrace every single day. That there is so much joy in all of the little moments. From a walk around the block to simply sitting quietly with the ones you love - animals remind us how to be a bit more human."

Barry & Allison Hanover

"We adopted Parker (aka Spiderman) from your shelter in November of 2017. The staff was wonderful and held Parker for us while we drove from Park City, Utah to pick him up. He is a terrific pup and spreads love to all who meet him. Thanks again!"

Martine & Dan Drackett

"In memory of Sugarbear, Zelda, Ginger, Romeo, Juliette, Blueberry, Muffin, Jaws, and Paws, who have brought such joy to our lives, and all who shall follow them."

Kelly Odell

"My recent adoption of Finnegan has been a game changer on so many fronts. The unconditional love, companionship and adventure has brought an indescribable happiness into these days, weeks, and months. The connection between humans and animals has been the glue of my life, and the teacher of many critical life lessons worth learning. Very much looking forward to the years ahead with Finnegan and continuing to support the important cause of animal welfare."

Koko & Newt

"We always adopt shelter dogs. Koko & Newt are gone; we have Stella now."

The Towsend Family

"We are saddened that our Tye, a Cattahoula Leopard Dog adopted from WRV shelter in 2012, finally succumbed to an un-treatable joint disease. He was the best dog…gentle, calm, he just liked being by your feet. We were so lucky to have given him a home for the many years that we had him, and the day he passed he was still wagging his tail. We thank you so much for the love you give to all these animals and the great homes you find for them. Keep up the great work.

With much gratitude,
The Townsend Family
Brooks, Jennifer, Bella and Cole Townsend"