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360° Visionaries
members are recognized in bold

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$2,000,000 and Above

Lyn and David Anderson

$1,000,000 to $1,999,999

Micki and Dan Chapin
Carol and Ed Dumke
Mountain Humane Board of Directors

$500,000 to $999,999

Barbara J. Hartley Fund, Lynn Campion and the Deer Creek Fund
Kemmerer Family Foundation
Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation
Bill Pierpoint
Susan and Doug Rhymes

$250,000 to $499,999

Shay Doll and Buddy Wilton Jr.
Rita and George Golleher

Estate of Bob and Letitia Jackson
John A. Moran Charitable Trust, Carole and John Moran
Lennox Foundation
The Martine and Dan Drackett Family Foundation, Inc.
Sally and Marc Onetto
Priscilla Pittiglio
Karen and Frank Willey

$100,000 to $249,999

Cook Family Charitable Fund, Sylvia and Bob Cook
Draper Family Foundation
Julie Ann Wrigley Foundation
Mari and Thomas Lowe
Pamela and Chuck Lyford
MKO Foundation, Michael and Kristin Owens
Sharon and Bart Rinker and The Rinker Girls
In Memory of Leidy Sue Samson
The Strandberg Family Foundation
Maggie and Dave Sturdevant
Thomas S. Perakos Family Cares Foundation
Zions Bank

$50,000 to $99,999

The Albert Parvin Foundation, Phyllis Parvin
Mary Bachman and William Downing
Burns Family Foundation, by Julie A. Wrigley
Wendy Chase
Beverly and Michael De Chevrieux
Christine Ferguson
Deana and Morley Golden
Keith and Mary Kay McCaw Family Foundation
Carole Lewis and Ted Walczak
Alison and James Luckman
Linda and Bill Potter
Debra Riedel
Jill and Fred Vogel

$25,000 to $49,999

Rosemary Aquilante
Jennifer Badish and Jim Lindstrom
Barbara and Paul Dali
Hancock Family Trust, David Hancock
Bobbi Hunt
Andrea Laporte
Jan and Bob Main
David McCarty
Mott Family Trust
Mountain Humane Staff
The Ochsman Foundation, Esther and Michael Ochsman
Jori Potiker
Skylar Runswick
Gail and Jack Thornton
Judy and Dave Threshie
Cindy and Peter Urbanowicz
Susan and Philip Usher
Lynn Whittelsey

$10,000 to $24,999

Albertsons, LLC
Pat and Jack Billhardt
Sarah Blumenstein
Brooke Bonner and Kyle Baysinger
Debbe and Spike Booth
Penny and Buzz Coe
Linda and Bob Edwards
Judi and John Ferguson
Betty and Peter Gray
Kathy and Chuck Guinn
Martha and Ross Jennings
Johnson Family Fund, Kathy Johnson
Robin Leavitt and Terry Friedlander
Michael Mars
Mary and Kathleen Harriman Foundation
James Moore
Joan and Michael O’Neil
Pedigree Foundation
The Rogers Foundation, Robyn M. Rogers
Nancy and Brad Rosenberg
Deida, Duane, and Skylar Runswick
Denise and Michael Smyth
Thomas W. Smith Foundation, Diane and Tom Smith
In Memory of Jack W. Thornton

$5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (2)
Stacy Middlebrooks-Berk and Brian Berk
Bretall Family Trust
Byerwalter Charitable Fund*
Megan Davis and Paul Stevenson
Heidi and Matthew Dohse
Sandra and John Flattery
Fred and Gayle Bieker Family Fund
Google, Inc.
In Memory of Kathy Guinn
William (Brack) Hale
Halliday Foundation, Norman Halliday and Doug Jones
Helios Foundation, Betsey Thomson
Carol Scheifele-Holmes and Benjamin Holmes
Douglas F. King and Family
Georgie Lindquist
Mary and Stephen Malkmus
Mario and Alma Pastega Family Foundation
Audrey and Tony Mattos
Patricia Millington
Phyllis and Mark Odell*
Jinny Olsen
Snaque and Ford Rollo
Carole and Mike Sampson
Gail and Bob Smelick
Judy and Richard Smooke
Janet Taggares

$1,000 - $4,999

Judy and Don Atkinson
Joseph Begovich
Blaine County Title, Inc.
Roberta and Ron Bloom
Sandra N. Bosley
Barbara and Dick Boyer
Boylston Family Foundation
Anita and Gregg Brandow
Susan and Brian Buckley
Janne and Henry Burdick*
Mary and Michael Colhoun
Cheryl and Steve Crowe
Jan and Ed Cummins
The Dawson Family
Jo-Anne Dixon and James Coyle
Renee Faltings
Pam Feld
Georgie and Dick Fenton
Damaris Deere Ford
In Loving Memory of Norman Friedman
Theresa Gallant and Edward Bulchis
Suzanne Gerlits
In Memory of John Glenn
Edyth and David Goodman
Tami and James Grigsby
Greta Hansen
Gundl and John Haskell
John and Gina Wolcott Foundation
Carol and Curtis Johnson
Chipper and Bill Joseph
Linda and John Keane
The Krahmer Family
Leslie Krieger
Joannie and Ron Lane
Marie Lerch and Jeff Kolb
Ruth Lieder
Elise B. Lufkin
Elizabeth L. Mathieu
McAlvain Construction, Inc.
Claudia McCain
Mary Meeker*
Olga and David Melin
Meyer Family Gift Fund, Claudia and Laine Meyer
Kelly and Macy Mitchell
Bekka Mongeau
Bettina Murray and Mac Williams
Mary and Matt Murray
Mary and Carter Newton*
Wendi Norris and Michael Petty
Sheron and Roger O’Connell*
Kelly Odell
Mary Anne and Allan Pinkerton
Condoleezza Rice*
Sarah and Bill Robertson
Sally J. Robinson
Barbara and David Rognlien
Cheryl and Vern Rollin
Marcia and Jim Santa
Jill and Tom Schriber
Kim and Jeff Seely
Barbara and Philip Silver
Denise Simone and Greg Cappel
Margie Smith
James Songer
Karen Sparks
Sterling Realty Organization
Catherine Sullivan
Tricia Swartling, Maggie and Zach Williams
Linda and Gary Vinagre
Shayne Vinagre and Justin Adams
Candy and Jay Walton
Ann and Tom Warde
Kathy J. Williams
Beth and Paul Willis
Linda and Keith Winnovich
Wendy Ysasi

$500 to $999

Jackie and Peter Anderson
Animal Arts Design Studios
Anonymous (2)
Tawni Baker and Jamie Trevino
Emma Begovich*
Ruthe and Joseph Betti
Lisa Bjerke
Anita Braker and Dave Olsen
Amy Brown
Mary R. Byerwalter*
Jennifer M. Card and James R. Laski
Cassie and Jim Carroll
Marsha Chandler and Pete Newman
Laurie Christian and Sarah Murphy
Virginia Cirica
Candi and Brett Comstock
Aubrey Cravens
Susan Cunningham
Vickrie Cutler
Karen and Marc de Saint Phalle
Katrina and Derek Dean
Paula and Dr. Frank DeLuca
The Dombrowski Family
Ellen and Joe Fastow
Jeani and John Ferrari
Fischer - Rose
Marybeth Flower
Shelly Forsling and Scott Boettger
Jana and Jeff Foushee
Jenny, Will, and Max Gardenswartz
Tim Gardiner
Dr. Robert Gwinner*
Susan Hazlett and Chuck Rumpf
Debbie, Charlotte, and Larry Hill
The Hotard Family
Bonnie and Dean Hovencamp
Barb and Dan Hurlbutt
Idaho Tower Construction Company
Lea Johnson
Lori Johnston
Maggi and John Kelly
Claudia and Alex Klokke
Lolly Kunkler and Chris Priest
Steven Linden
Jeanne Ernst-Liston and Tom Liston
Mane Muse Salon
Natasha Marlow
Mila and Marty Lyon
Susan and Gary Martin
Shelia and Jerry Mells
Nancy L. Merritt*
Heidi Mickelson and Danny Beritich
Nancy and Jeffrey Mihalic
Andrea Nelson and Rob Harten
J.C. Nemecek
Holbrook Newman and Geoff Isles
Ashley and Fred Northup
Jane and Tom Oliver
Debbra Orison
Kathleen Phelan
Leslie Phinney and Karl Bischoff
Marjorie Praegitzer
Ellie Reed
Jenifer A. Renzel*
Muffy Ritz
Juliet and Stephen Romano and Family
Mike Roundy
Nancy Royals*
Ellen D. Sanders
Kathy and Roger Sanger
Sheila and Terry Sarver
Joe Scott
Kimberly Sesnon and Janet Bostwick
Sharon and Bill Shubin
Margot Silver
Arthur Slocum
Charlotte Stevenson
Kim Taylor and John Milner
Susan Teren
Hunter Thompson
The Townsend Family
Chelsea and Dane Trotzig
Pamela and Richard Tucker
Del Webber
Kasi, Cory, Chica, and Daisy Wolfley
Wood River Insurance
Jeanne and Bill Wright

$250 to $499

Lise and Rob Applebaum
Patrice Begovich*
Maryl and Charles Cohan
Susan and Gary Crowe
Sarah and Phil Davies
Scott Featherstone, DDS
Cory Graham
James Gray
Carolyn and Jay Henges
Cecily and Jeffrey Kingston*
Lallman, Felton, Peterson and Pierce, P.A.
Penny and Chris Leady*
Dabney and Tift Mann
Louise and Jay Noyes
Plutsky Family Fund
Ann Puchner
Sue and David Squier
Hazel Thorne
Carolyn Wicklund
Susan Wolford

$249 and Under

Vicki and Craig Aberback
Susan Alban and Scott Creighton
Ruth and Marshall Ames
Michelle and Robert Angell
Anonymous (3)
Apple, Inc.
Valerie Arelt
Judy Bachman
Jane F. Beatie
Best Western Tyrolean Lodge
Hermione Beresford and James Watkinson
Marie and Bill Bernardy
Tamara Bethel
Phyllis Blackburn
Kathleen and Hugh Blue
Marsha and David Bocan
Barbara and Dick Boyer
Carlene and Allan Brasel*
John Bredeson
Stacie and Rick Brew
Colleen Buckley-Reynolds
Kelly Burns
Robin Calderon
James Canfield, Jr
Tracey and Mark Caraluzzi
Elizabeth Carter
Laurie and Phil Catron
Brad Chinn
Sally and Gregory Conley
Deb Cornwell
Kim Cortez
Darlee and Clyde Crockett
Sandra and Allen Dalton
Sydney Darling
Karin Davies and Jessica Davies Clifford
Alisa DeFort
Joel Dorn
Linda Drake and David Stansfield
Mary Drenth
Pamela Eakin and Michael Pierce
Noel Ellman
Rosemary and John Elmore
Mark Eshman and Clear Rock Capital
Jill Eshman Law
Dale and Jeanne Ewersen
Meghan Faherty
Steve Feurt
Joyce Fogg
Julie and Michael Ford
Karyn Korsyth
Anneta and Barney Galvin
Pam and Chris Gammon
Kathryn and Robert Gardner
Susan and Peter Gaasland
Patricia and David Goude
Hannah Gove
Sue and Bill Grinstein
Lisa Guinn
Lori and Mike Hahn
Barry Hanover
Pat and Carl Harris*
James Hassenbein
Hillary and Chad Hayward
Bonnie and Thomas Herron
Virginia and Jeff Holloway
Penny Hon
Matthew Hunt
Jennifer Huseby
Merel and George Imel
Louise and Craig Johnson
JW Thornton Wine Imports
Andrew I. Kent
Cherie and Rick Kessler
Doran and Chris Key*
Karla Kirkwood
Koko and Newt
Connie and Jack Koonce
La Jolla Management Company
Teresa and Kevin Laird
Heather J. Langley-Evans
Jorgen Lawrence
Pamela Lilla
Susan B. Lindsay, PhD
The Lipman Family
Stephanie and Scott Manning
Cathy and Joe Marsh
Angenie McCleary
Krista and Chase Milleman
Rhiana Macaya-Mitchell and Michael Mitchell
Brent Montgomery
Cynthia and Kingsley Murphy
Sabine Muskari
Bobbi and Rick Navarro
Kim Neill
Nadia Novik
Gay Odmark
David Orr
Janett Palencia
Andrea Parker
Mauricio Pedraza
Nancy Porter
Jeanette Riedel
Lisa and Harry Rosenthal
JD Ryan
Sam Satchell
Angie and Steve Schab
Marilyn Schlueter-Tufillaro
Kim and Bob Shaw
Leslie Silva
Nekaya Simpson
Geoff Sjoberg
Christine Slaughter
Eszter Smith
Christine and Paul Stefani*
Jeanette Sutherlin and Gary Heindel
Sarah Thamer
The Trader
Judy and Mike Thesing
Erica and Eric Thornson
Georgina Ubence
US Bank Foundation
Camille Vanden Berghe
Pita Vega
Jeanne and Joel Vilinsky
Ellen and John Wallace
Jane Ware
Karen and Stuart Weise
Charlotte Westendorf
Mary Beth White
Cynthia Winn
Lydia Winstead
Connie and Greg Wood
Sue Woodyard
Suzanne Wrede Basix
Harry and Karen Wyeth Charitable Fund
Cathy and Jeffrey Zaccardi


*Begovich Youth Engagement Fund gift