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Here at the Shelter we rely heavily on our volunteer base to make things run smoothly on a day to day basis. Currently, we have little to no space for volunteers to sign-in, take breaks, spend quiet time with animals, or work on specific projects.

In the new facility volunteers will have space to do what they do best - support the animals! From acting as greeters in the adoption center, working with children in the Education Barn, supervising play groups in the dog play yards, helping customers in the Cat Cafe, and so much more! Not only that, but our volunteers will have a special space where they can take breaks, store their things while they are working, and socialize with fellow volunteers.

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Currently all of the Shelters large community and fundraising events are held in off campus outside spaces. This means annual costs to engage the public as well as transportation of animals, staff, and supplies (which adds up quickly). With the addition of the event patio, hiking trails, and indoor education barn, all of the Shelter's events can be held on-site. This will decrease the cost of holding events and will bring more people to the Shelter to engage with other pieces of the Shelter mission!



In 2016 the Animal Shelter engaged 1,142 kids in youth education programs. In the summer we're able to accomodate slightly larger groups by cycling kids through dog training in the agility area, socializing with cats, and classroom inspired lessons in the main visiting area. Even still, things get cramped quickly and it's difficult to hold adoptions when a field trip is at the Shelter - simply for lack of space.

With a specific education barn we can accomodate field trips easily, hold birthday parties, kid's camps, and so much more! We'll also be able to have specific programs designed for certain age groups.