Humane education

The Mountain Humane's humane education program teaches social and emotional skills, and increases compassion and empathy through research-based tools and curriculum. Comprehensive humane education programming, when provided to children and communities consistently over multiple years, has been proven to help with a variety of pressing social and educational issues. It has tremendous potential for long term improvement on the health of our community and all its living things. Not only does humane education improve the treatment of animals by teaching proper care of and safety around pets, but it also improves the human participants’ lives with potential benefits ranging from decreased incidence of depression and anxiety to increased sociability, teamwork, and compassion.

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We host about 1000 students every year on class field trips. These numbers are very limited by our current facility's space and staffing which are unable to accommodate larger groups and many other opportunities for youth engagement. With a new facility, a specially designed education area, and a trained humane educator, our plan is to maximize youth and student engagement through a variety of opportunities.

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This comprehensive humane education program will help decrease dog bites, decrease animal neglect and abuse, and increase empathy and compassion. Through our partnerships with schools, other nonprofit organizations, and government (correctional facilities, probation departments, etc.) we will offer tailored education programs to participants. Teachers interested in anti-bullying, pro-teamwork curriculum will be able to contact the Mountain Humane for class visits and other resources. Children of all ages will be able to attend day camps at the Shelter and be immersed in humane education with the adoptable dogs and cats. Fostering those animal-human connections and exploring them to create a better world is one of the most exciting programs we will offer at the new animal welfare campus.

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