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It has been an exciting year to be involved with the Shelter. After an incredibly positive campaign planning study, the board, staff, and dedicated campaign volunteers began laying the groundwork to launch a fundraising campaign to build an inviting new shelter campus. It will be a vibrant and welcoming hub that draws community members and visitors not just to adopt, but to engage with the animals and each other. It will also be a regional and national destination for adoptions and trainings on best-practices in animal welfare, bringing additional economic vitality to our community while raising the bar for animals in our state and beyond. Many of you have jumped in early with your pledges, taking a critical leadership role that will ensure the success of this important project. Thank you! Because of your support, we are already making significant progress toward our goal, with more than $5.5 million pledged or gifted to date! Thank you for helping us build a future that fosters the joyous connection between animals and people that is the heart of the Animal Shelter’s mission.


Mission Moment

After 14 months living in the shelter, our longest term resident was adopted last month by a loving local family! Tweety is an FIV+ cat, which means she had to have her own room at shelter and had to go to a home as an only cat, or with another FIV+ cat. While most cats with FIV can still live long, healthy lives, most shelters are not able to house them and therefore must euthanize these otherwise adoptable felines. The new facility will help us save more animals with special needs, like Tweety. With modern, hospital-grade materials, air filtration systems, noise abatement, and diseasepreventing design, the new shelter will protect our homeless pets from the spread of disease and will allow us to better care for them all.