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Multi-year pledges, payable by 2020, are welcome.


mountain humane Campus

$5 Million     |     1 Available

Name the entire campus and ensure the success of our campaign to build a leading example in the industry. Consider the name of a beloved pet or honoring a loved one or family name!

Dog Habitat

$2 Million     |     1 Available

The primary housing for sheltered dogs, this “cabin” will provide comfort, safety, and modern systems that reduce stress and prevent the spread of disease.

$360,000      |        Multiple Memberships Available

Members of the 360° Visionaries are recognized for their leadership and generosity as key partners in building a more humane community, both locally and nationwide. Membership includes permanent and prominent recognition in the new adoption center (above and beyond your specific naming opportunity), special celebrations, and VIP opportunities. 
Please click here to learn more about 360° Visionaries


Clinic Admission Lobby

$250,000     |     1 Available

Waiting room and lobby at the entrance of the Spay/Neuter Center and clinic building. In addition to spay/neuter check-in, all animal intakes, impounds, and other public service will occur here.

Cafe cat Room

$250,000     |     1 Available

Interactive room in the Cat Cafe where visitors can hang out with the cats, drink coffee, work on a computer on our wifi, while providing invaluable socialization and love to the feline residents.

$200,000     |     1 Available

Bar area located in the Education Barn where guests will get refreshments during Dog Days of Summer, workshops, and other special events throughout the year. Get your Fine Whines & Lickers here!

The Barn Bar

a.k.a. "The Ace of Spays"

$100,000     |     1 Available

Secluded break and lunch room away from the flurry of Shelter activity. Overlooking the
creek and marsh area, this will allow staff a quiet space to recharge.  Will also serve as a catering area for events in the barn. 

Staff Lounge &
Education Barn Kitchen

a.k.a. "Campus Cantina"

$100,000 | 2 Available

In the central Adoption Center lobby, these communal cat rooms will place our feline residents in a prominent public area, helping them get adopted rapidly.


$100,000     |     1 Available

Our highly skilled staff will conduct temperament tests on all new adoptable dogs in this room & design individualized behavior support plans for each new resident to ensure successful and happy adoptions.

"PAWS-itive" Training &
TemperamEnt Test Room

$100,000     |     2 Available

Outdoor group play areas for each set of dogs housed in the kennels so they get plenty of
sun, fresh air, and exercise to keep them healthy and adoptable.

Dog Play Yards

$100,000     |     1 Available

Welcoming room in the spay/neuter clinic for public visitors to bring their cat and complete the veterinary intake process.

Cat Receiving Room

$100,000     |     1 Available

Welcoming room in the spay/neuter clinic for public visitors to bring their dog and complete the veterinary intake process.

Dog Receiving Room

$100,000   |     1 Available

Lovely patio area outside the cat cafe in the middle of Central Bark and looking out over the dog splash park. This will be both a community hang-out and a great location for summer parties and events.

Cat Cafe Patio

$100,000     |     1 Available

For those who know that nerds are awesome, this IT hub will be the perfect fit, keeping the Shelter functioning, efficient, and connected.

Central Technology Hub

$75,000     |     1 Available

In the heart of the clinic, Mountain Humane animals will receive x-rays here to help diagnose injuries.

Radiology Room

$75,000     |     1 Available

Where the veterinary staff will be able to prepare medications and diagnose illnesses in our pet population.

& Pharmacy


$50,000 | 3 Available

Semi-private nooks for adoption counselors to work with adopters on finding the perfect pet for their family.

$50,000     |     SOLD OUT

Separate dog and cat semi-private areas for adopters to get to know their potential pets, spread throughout the facility in convenient locations near kennels.

Acquaintance Nooks

$50,000     |     1 Available

Cats will be able to recover in peace in this separate post-surgery ward.

Cat Recovery Ward

$50,000   |     1 Available

An exterior counter that will be used to welcome participants for everything from Dog Days of Summer gala to dog training classes.

Event Patio Reception Center

$50,000     |     1 Available

For the practical among you: this functional space will be “home base” for our outreach van, with all incoming transfers moving through here on their way to the intake kennels.

Outreach & Service Garage

$25,000     |     12 Available

Individual dog kennels, designed to minimize stress by controlling noise, odor, and sight lines while creating a comfortable, home-like environment.

Dog Kennels

$25,000     |     1 Available

Records, records, records! This IT hub will keep the vet staff organized and efficient.

Clinic Technology Cabinet

$25,000     |     1 Available

For the adorable small furries Mountain Humane sees, like rabbits and guinea pigs (not to mention the occasional turtle). Can also be kitten/cat overflow when not in use for pocket pets.

Pocket Pet Nook

$25,000   |     8 Available

Offices located in the Education Barn, Administration Building, and Spay/Neuter Center. Choice of office named on a first come, first served basis.

Private Staff Offices

$25,000     |     4 Available

Large deciduous trees in planters in Central Bark and set in the Event Patio.

Shade Trees with Permanent Planters

$15,000     |     3 Available

Large TVs in various public areas displaying adoptable animals, “happy tails” images, information about upcoming events, and more!

Digital Display
& Information Screens

$10,000     |     19 Available

Individual cat condos in the main adoption lobby, for cats that don’t enjoy the communal rooms, specially designed to minimize feline stress.

Cat Condos

$10,000    |     4 Available

Seating strategically placed in the landscaped areas around the facility and in Central Bark.

Outdoor Benches

$10,000     |     4 Available

Outdoor tables and chairs on the Cat Cafe patio, overlooking the splash park in Central Bark.

Catio Tables

Landscaping Trees

$5,000 |   1 Available

Landscaping trees throughout facility grounds - location choice on a first come basis.

$2,500 - Large | $1,000 - Medium | $500 - Small


Choice of location: Main Entrance Patio, Cat Cafe Patio or Events Patio.

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