Total 2015 Impact = $4,422,114

(Dollars added to the local economy)

The Animal Shelter makes a significant annual contribution to the vitality of our local economy. An in depth analysis of Animal Shelter revenue, expenses and operations resulted in a total economic impact for Blaine County made up of direct and indirect benefits of our labor, goods, and services.


Primary Adoption Impacts:

  • Approximately 400 local adoptions annually adds up to a significant amount of pet care spending on food, boarding, veterinary care, and supplies
  • 200 more adoptions (1/3 of annual total) to families from out of town results in local spending on hotels, meals, gas, and more
  • With 50% of the adoptable animals being transported in from overcrowded regional shelters regionally, there are additional local expenditures on transportation, lodging, and more

Core Shelter Expenditures:

  • Detailed calculations of expenditures on everything from payroll to printing costs, multiplied line by line by percentage spent locally
  • With 33 local employees supporting their families, there are also significant indirect expenditures for their family spending, not included in this calculation

Economic Multiplier

  • A standard economic analysis tool, there are multipliers for different industries
  • The Social Assistance organization multiplier was used for this study

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Projections for the impact of the new animal welfare campus will be available in 2017.