The Animal Shelter is committed to reaching everyone in our community (and beyond) who can benefit from the programs and services we provide on a daily basis. With more space and resources we'll be able to expand the breadth of those services and the populations we can positively impact.


Community Paws

Community Paws is a new program at the Animal Shelter that aims to help under-served populations within Blaine County. By utilizing our Outreach Van, we are able to reach the people and pets who would otherwise be unable to access our services.

With expanded spay/neuter clinic space we'll be able to provide this free service to more Blaine County residents.


Pets for Life

Pets for Life is a program designed by the Humane Society of the United States that is being implemented in communities all over the country. Shelter staff goes to communities just outside of Blaine County who don't have access to pet care.

Fairfield, Richfield, and Dietrich are all small rural communities whom we are currently working with to help feed community cats, get pet food to families in need, and spay/neuter pets.


Regional Outreach & Training

With a significant drop in our local stray population (thanks to the success of the free spay/neuter clinics) the Shelter has been able to transfer in adoptable pets from Shelters who are out of space. Saving countless lives and bringing in highly adoptable pets to the Valley!

With the addition of the Education Barn, the Shelter has the opportunity to become a teaching center to help regional Shelters learn from our successes. By modeling what a highly functioning Shelter can look like, we can help raise the standard of Animal Welfare in Idaho together.