Save More Lives By Connecting People & Pets

By doubling the number of pets housed and continuing the current trend of increased adoptions and decreased length of stay, we will dramatically decrease the number of animals unnecessarily euthanized at overcrowded shelters in the region.

Provide More Humane Care & Housing

Modern kennel design and materials will improve the health of the animals, decrease stress, and prevent the spread of disease.

Give Better Care to Older & Special Needs Animals

Senior, shy, and medically or behaviorally challenged animals struggle more than others in a shelter environment – a new facility will allow us to provide the specialized care and treatment these pets deserve.

Be a Catalyst for Compassion

With a new humane education center, hundreds of children (and adults!) will be able to learn about care of and safety around animals, in addition to vital lessons about empathy, compassion, and the joy the comes from the human-animal bond.

Create a Vibrant Hub for Connections & Community

Imagine a campus that draws people from all over the nation, known as a happy place for people and animals to connect, where the community engages and gives back, and where all are welcome to enjoy the beauty of our canyon setting.